Tasma Peltherre Palmer

Tasma Peltherre Palmer



Tasma Putjarra Palmer is a young artist currently living in Yuendumu, a remote Warlpiri community approximately 300 kilometers northwest of Alice Springs, NT. Tasma was born on 19 May 1993 in Alice Springs, and has ties to many different Aboriginal groups across central Australia. She grew up with her siblings and father in Alice Springs and on Gulilungk outstation, a remote outstation approximately 70 kilometers southwest of Barrow Creek, NT. She attended school in Alice Springs.

Tasma’s father is Arrernte and Kaytetye. His country is north of Alice Springs, near Ti Tree. Her mother is Eastern Anmatyerre; her country is around the Utopia oustation. Tasma has three brothers and one sister, all of whom live and work in central Australia.

Tasma was first exposed to painting at a young age, when she helped her father mix paints for his own artwork. As a child, she watched her father paint landscapes as well as dot paintings. She has been painting with Warlukurlangu Artists Aboriginal Corporation since 2015. Her Kaytetye Dreamings include fire Dreaming and possum Dreaming. The possum Dreaming is very big and stretches from South Australia all the way north to Gulilungk and beyond. Her Arrernte Dreaming is a tree which is useful both for its edible fruit and for its medicinal properties. She does not paint this Dreaming, since it is too sacred.

When she is not painting, Tasma likes to relax at home, play video games, and clean.