Senita Napangardi Granites

Senita Napangardi Granites



Senita Napangardi Graniites was born at Alice Springs Hospital, her mother Jill Morton  was from Ti Tree a community located 193 km from Alice Springs, her father Grant Granites  was from Yuendumu, her Grandmother an important elder and one of the founders of Warlukurlangu Artist  was Dolly Daniels.

Senita spend most of her childhood in Murray Bridge in South Australia where she lived with her paternal grandmother and other members of the family.  Her family consisted of Dolly Daniels, Cecily Granites, Elsie Granites, Cherylyn Granites, Nathaniel, Vicky and Christopher. She attended school in South Australia.

In early 2001 the family moved back to Yuendumu, where she continued her schooling. in early 2008 she started painting at the art Centre, mainly following her grandmother’s dreamings and stories (jukurrpa).

After a couple of years Senita felt that her grandmother’s traditional stories were not enough, she decided to try something different, her love for dogs and a close connection to the dog program established by the art centre inspired her to paint dogs portraits.

Senita also started to help her partner  Jason Japaljarri Woods to paint,  she told him that it would be a good idea for him to paint birds.  They often collaborate on some of the larger paintings, she mainly helps him with the backgrounds.

Senita and Jason have been together since 2014 and they have a daughter called Mikaella.