Violet  Napurrurla Malbunka

Violet Napurrurla Malbunka



Violette Malbunka was born in Alice Springs hospital and returned to the remote Aboriginal community of Yuendumu where she grew up and attended school. She has been painting for Warlukurlangu Artists, the local Aboriginal owned art cooperative, since  2016.  Like the other local artists Violet uses traditional iconography to tell her traditional stories of country. Her main Dreamings stories are Warlukurlangu or Fire Dreaming, Goanna Dreaming and Women hunting for bush tucker.  These paintings are maps of the local country embedded with traditional lore and have been passed down from generation to generations for millennia. Violet inherited these stories from her parents and she is only allowed to painting the stories that belong to her family. Painting gives her a lot of pleasure and she is very proud to share her culture with the broader community.