Walpajirri Jukurrpa (Bilby Dreaming)

This painting depicts the Walpajirri Jukurrpa (bilby Dreaming), a small animal previously found throughout Warlpiri lands that is also called the Rabbit-eared bandicoot (Macrotis lagotis). ‘Walpajirri’ live in deep burrows and eats witchetty grubs and bush fruits. The ‘walpajirri’ is hunted for food and is also used in ceremonies. It has a distinctive white tip on its tail and that is removed and used to make a ‘jinjirla’ (headdress) used during ceremonies. In contemporary Warlpiri paintings traditional iconography is used to represent the Jukurrpa and other elements. In paintings of this Jukurrpa the ‘walpajirri’ tracks are often shown to depict its travels across the country. Also often shown are ‘mukaki’ (bush plum [Santalum lanceolatum]) and other plants that ‘walpajirri’ forage on. The custodians of the Walpajirri Jukurrpa are men of the Jakamarra/Jupurrurla subsections along with their classificatory Nakamarra/Napurrurla sisters.