Jarlajirrpi Jukurrpa (Owlet Nightjar Dreaming)

The Jarlajirrpi Jukurrpa (owlet nightjar [Aegotheles cristatus] Dreaming) belongs to country near to Wirliyajarrayi (Willowra community), north of Yuendumu. The ‘jarlajirrpi’ is also known as a ‘kurdaitcha’ (shaman) bird. ‘Jarlajirrpi’ make a particular sound, “Jurl-Jurl”, at nighttime. They spend all day in their nest in the hollow logs of trees and have big eyes, like a ‘kakurtu’ (southern Boobook owl). When people hear the ‘jarlajirrpi’ calling out at night they say to each other “A Kurdaitcha man is coming this way. Look out for him!” This Jukurrpa is associated with ceremonies that are usually performed during the night.