Kakalyalya Jukurrpa (Major Mitchells Cockatoo Dreaming)

The Kakalyalya Jukurrpa (Major Mitchell’s cockatoo [Cacatua leadbeateri] Dreaming) relates the actions of an ancestral ‘kakalyalya’ near a place called Pikilyi (Vaughan Springs) to the west of Yuendumu. At Pikilyi the ‘kakayalya’ defecated, and flies came and smelt the feaces and then laid their eggs. Fly maggots came out from the feaces. This story belongs to women of the Napanangka/Napangardi kinship subsections and to their classificatory Japanangka/Japangardi brothers. In contemporary Warlpiri paintings traditional iconography is used to represent the Jukurrpa, associated sites and other elements. Small curved lines are often used to depict the fly maggots while little circles illustrate the ‘kakayalya’s’ feaces. Longer lines represent the travels of the ‘kakayalya’ from Pikilyi to Ngurlinpalangu and Yunjirinji.