Mt Theo Jukurrpa (Mt Theo Dreaming)

This story takes place at Mount Theo (also known as Puturlu) which is north of Yuendumu. Two Napanangka women and two Napangardi women are looking for Ngalyipii (snake vine or Tinospora smilacina) which is used to make rope. This vine also has several other purposes. It could be used as a strap to carry parraja (food containers- also known as coolamons), as a tourniquet, or as a ceremonial rope when making witi poles.The wavy lines represent Ngalyipi and the circles depict Wapunungu (gum trees) that ngalyipi climbs around.The oval shapes depict parrajas . The Kanta (women) are shown as “U” shapes – top/bottom of the painting. Napanangka and Napangardi women are custodians of the Dreaming.