Josie Nangala Peters

Josie Nangala Peters



Josie Nangala/Napurrurla Peters was born 2 October 1982 in Alice Springs. She is the only member of her family to paint. Josie has been painting for a long time; she taught herself how to do it. She has a brother and a sister, but neither of them paint.

Josie’s country is far west of Yuendumu. This area, Mulyukardiji, has ‘mukaki Jukurrpa’ (bush plum Dreaming). This Dreaming comes to Josie through her father. Josie’s mother had Mina Mina Dreaming, but Josie does not paint it.

Josie grew up and attended school in Yuendumu. After finishing school, she worked in Alice Springs doing computer training. She now has two children. When she is not painting, Josie likes to go hunting.