‘Janganpa manu Jajirdi’ 1998 (Possum and Native Cat Dreaming)

This print represents part of a larger story. It depicts the journey to and preparation for a kurdiji (initiation ceremony) by the Jarjirdi, whose footprints are depicted in red. They stared out from Watarrka (Kings Canyon) and travelled north to Warrunungu near Kirrirdi creek where they made kurlarda (spears). One of the Jarjirdi men, a Japaljarri, returned to Watarrka to collect the rdurmpa ‘curse bag’ containing the yarda – sacred ritual objects needed for the journey to Yamirringi – and the kurdiji. He then rejoined the other Jajirdi and continued heading north. When reaching Yamirringi, the Jarjirdi rested then held the kurdiji. At the site of the large ngapiri (red river gum) at Yirparjipi, where the Jarjirdi met the Janganpa (represented by the black design) a huge fight erupted with each side hurling spears at the other. With a boomerang, the Jajirdi struck the Janganpa (causing his tail to be so long) and again in the foot. After the fight the Janganpa left for Mungapunju, the hill near Yuendumu. This story belongs to Jungarrayi and Japaljarri men. The possums that used to live in the Yuendumu area, lived in hollow trees. The trees are shown as concentric circles. The long wavy lines are the trails of the Janganpa and Jajirdi, with their footprints on either side. The “U” shape is shown as a person hunting for janganpa and jajirdi