Witi Jukurrpa (Ceremonial Pole Dreaming)

Japaljarri and Jungarrayi men travelled from Kurlurngalinypa (near Lajamanu) to Yanjirlypiri (west of Yuendumu) and then on to Lake Mackay. On the way they perfomed kurdiji (initation ceremonies) for young men. Women also danced for the kurdiji. The site depicted in this print is Yanjirlypiri (which means star) where there is a low hill and a water soakage. the importance of this place can not be overemphasisied as young boys are brought her to be initiated form as far as Pitjanjatjara country to the south and Lajamanu to the north. During the ceremony men wear jinjirla (white feathers) on either side of their heads. they also wear wooden carvings of stars which are also laid out on the ground as part of the sand paintings produced for business (kurlkurlpa). Ngalyipi (snake vine) is used to tie witi (ceremonial spears) vertically to the shins of the dancing initiates. these witi are shown as long straight lines. The white circles depict Yanjirlpiri (stars). Jungarrayi and Japaljarri men are represented as ‘U’ shapes.