Yawakiyi Jukurrpa (Native Currant Dreaming)

The custodians of the Yawakiyi Jukurrpa (native currant Dreaming [Canthium latifolium]) are Napurrurla/Nakamarra women and Jupurrurla/ Jakamarra men. The ‘yawakiji’ tree is large and it bears small, black currant-like fruits. Traditionally the fruit would be gathered by women and placed in wooden food carriers. They are mixed with water before been eaten, although the ‘yawakiyi’ are sweet and can be also eaten straight off the tree. Shown in this painting are the Nakamarra and Napurrurla women collecting ‘yawakiyi’ at a place called Mititinyanyanu to the north-west of Yuendumu. The white flowers come out first then the ‘yawakiyi’ fruit grows after heavy rain. Magpie bird also eats the ‘yawakiyi’. In contemporary Warlpiri paintings traditional iconography is used to represent the Jukurrpa, associated sites and other elements. In paintings of this Jukurrpa the branches of ‘yawakiyi’ are shown spread out across the country. The ‘U’ shapes represent women, while the oval shapes beside them usually depict ‘parrajas’, which are the food carriers used to collect the fruit.