Yarla Jukurrpa (Bush Potato Dreaming) – Yumurrpa

The Yarla Jukurrpa (bush potato [Ipomea costata] Dreaming) tells the story of a fight between ‘yarla’ from Yumurrpa and ‘wapirti’ (bush carrot [Vigna lanceolata]) from Wapurtali. The ‘yarla’ were Jakamarra/Jupurrurla skins and they were in conflict over Napaljarri/Napanangka women, who have the right skin for marriage. The fight took place at ‘Ngardirpi. Many men died, their bodies are now sand hills and their blood formed a water soak. ‘Yarla’ are fibrous tubers that grow beneath a low spreading plant, found by looking for cracks in the ground. Yarla are good to eat, when cooked they are really soft and tasty. This Dreaming belongs to Jupurrurla/Jakamarra men and Napurrula/Nakamarra women. Nakamarra and Napurrula ‘karnta’ (women) are shown sitting down at Yumurrpa gathering ‘yarla’ with ‘karlangu’ (digging sticks) and placing them in ‘parraja’ (wooden carrying dishes). In contemporary Warlpiri paintings traditional iconography is used to represent the Jukurrpa, associated sites and other elements. In paintings of this Jukurrpa women are usually depicted by ‘U’ shapes while the ‘yarla’ plants are represented by concentric circles. The ‘watarlapi’ (the lateral ‘yarla’ roots) are shown across the painting, to symbolize the way this Jukurrpa is spread through Warlpiri country.