Ngapa, Pamapardu, Janganpa manu Ngalyipi Jukurrpa (Water, Flying Ant, Possum and Snake Vine Dreaming)

In this print Jakamarra has depicted four of his most important Dreamings. They are Ngapa (Water), Pampardu (Flying Ant) Janganpa (Possum) and Ngalyip (Snake Vine)
The first Dreaming Ngapa (Water) comes from a place called Wapurtali, Mt. Singleton, west of Yuendumu. The short dahes represent mungkurdu, clouds, the flowing lines are ngawarra, flooded waters. This Ngapa Jukurrpa travelled to Mirrawarri, through Wapurtali.
The Pamapardu story is in the middle of the painting. The pamapardu (Flying Ant) story is from Wilyiki (close ot Mt Singleton). These flying ants get flushed out of their mingkirri (ant mounds) when it rains heavily. They sprout wings and fly off to find dry areas to rebuild their colonies
The country associated with the Janganpa (Possum Dreaming is Mawurrji, a water soakage created in the Dreamtime The possum was a loverboy watching the women as they were collecting food and water at Mawurrji. The curved lines are the tracks left by the possum’s tail with the “E” shape foot prints (wirliya).
The last story is of Ngalyipi or Snake Vine which is traditionally collected and made into rope.