Ngarlu Jukurrpa (Love Story Dreaming)

The site of this Jukurrpa is Ngarlu,south east of Yuendumu. It is where a Jungarrayi man fell in love with a Napangardi woman: A taboo relationship under the Warlpiri skin group system. Jungarrayi, Japaljarri, Jupurrula and Jampijinpa men were travelling east to Kurpurrulu. A Jungarrayi man called Lintyipilinti watched a woman from where he sat whilst she was urinating. He was so impressed with what he saw that he decided to woo her. His imprint has been left in the rocks which reminds the people of his thinking. Whilst he was sitting at Yumurruluwanu he spun some Wirriji (hair string) and sung a love song. He also sent a bird to the Napangardi woman with the magic to entice her. When the two met at Ngarlu they made love and as a result of the taboo relationship were turned to stone. They are seen in the rocks at Ngarlu, a long water hole with a broken boulder reminds the people of this union.The painting shows the rocks at Ngarlu which are represented by a number of concentric circles. The circles are also Miinypa (native fushia), a medium sized bush that bears pink and red flowers and is a species of Eremophila, common to Ngarlu country. The flowers have a small resevoir of nectar at their base that is collected by honey ants and eaten by humans. At either side of the centre circle the man and woman are represented together by the two ‘U’ shapes.