Ngalyipi Jukurrpa (Snake Vine Dreaming)

This Jukurrpa comes from Mina Mina, far to the west of Yuendumu. It is about a journey taken by Napangardi and Napanangka women of all ages. At Mina Mina they danced and digging sticks rose up out of the ground. The women collected these and travelled, dancing and creating many places. The wavy lines represent the ngalypi vine, or snake vine, which curls its tendrils around the branches of trees and is used as a ceremonial wrap. The U shapes represent women sitting around the tree and the short dashes are kurlangu, digging sticks which are the objects sacred to Mina Mina. The sinuous lines on the outside of the images are ngalyparra, the sandhills of the western desert. Kirda (owners) for this Jukurrpa, designs and country are Napanangka, Napangardi women and Japanangka and Japangardi men.