Selma Napurrurla Leo

Selma Napurrurla Leo



Selma Napurrurla Leo was born in 1982 in Alice Springs Hospital, the closest hospital to Laramba Community 205 km north-west of Alice Springs. Selma attended the local public school but she also had a traditional upbringing, spending time with her family who would take her out bush. “My parents passed away when I was 27, after I had my number three son, Osiah”. She has one brother and two sisters. She is married and has one daughter and three sons. Her husband’s mother, Elizabeth Napaljarri Katakarinja, an established artist, and her sister Sarah, also an artist, live in Yuendumu, 143 km north west of Laramba, so they visit often.

Selma began painting with Warlukurlangu Artists Aboriginal Corporation, an Aboriginal owned and governed art centre located in Yuendumu, in 2016. She paints her mother’s Lukarrara Jukurrpa (Desert Fringe-rush Seed Dreaming), Dreaming which relates directly to her land, its features and animals. When visiting, She enjoys coming to the Art Centre and painting with her Sister.

When she is not painting at home or at Warlukurlangu Art Centre she loves to go hunting for goanna and kangaroo as well as swimming in the local pool.