Kathleen Napurrurla Gibson

Kathleen Napurrurla Gibson



Kathleen Napurrurla Gibson was born in 1983 in Alice Springs Hospital, the closest hospital to Nyirripi, a remote Aboriginal community 450 km from Alice Springs in the NT of Australia. She was born to Gayle Napangardi and Teddy Jakamarra Gibson, and is the grand-daughter of Nancy Napanangka Gibson, all well-known Warlukurlangu Artists. Kathleen attended the local school before attending Yirara, an Aboriginal boarding School in Alice Springs, where she graduated after Year 10. When she returned to Nyirripi she worked at the local crèche. She is a single parent and has one son.

Kathleen has been painting for Warlukurlangu Artists Aboriginal Corporation; an Aboriginal owned and governed Art Centre, since 2008, however she began painting full-time in 2012. In late 2012 Kathleen went with her mother and sisters to Wollongong in New South Wales, Australia, where they painted. She enjoyed the experience and when she returned started painting again. “I like to do something that keeps my mind active – thinking and doing”. She paints her Father’s Jukurrpa, Dreamings which have been passed down through the generations for millennia. Kathleen uses an unrestricted palette to develop a modern interpretation of her traditional culture. In the short time Kathleen has been painting she has exhibited her work in a group exhibition.

When she is not painting she likes to go hunting and taking the local girls from Nyrripi to Sports Weekends.