Connie Nakamarra Fisher

Connie Nakamarra Fisher



Connie Nakamarra Fisher was born in 1954 at Mount Denison, a station 332 kms north-west of Alice Springs.  When she was very young she moved to Yuendumu with her mother, father and siblings. Connie attended Yuendumu school, where she “sometimes [went to] school, [and] sometimes run away”. Connie was born to Maggie Napanangka White, a well-known Yuendumu artist who painted for Warlukurlangu Artists from 1986 to 1997 and Jack Left-Hand Warin Jabarula Jugulba. Her parents and her sister and brothers are “all gone” now.

Connie has been painting with Warlukurlangu Artists Corporation, an Aboriginal owned and governed art centre since 1987. She paints her Mother’s Karnta Jukurrpa (Women’s Dreaming) and Ngapa Jukurrpa (Water Dreaming) and her father’s Jardiwampa Jukurrpa (Snake Dreaming) and Lukarrara Jukurrpa (Desert Fringe-rush Seed Dreaming). “I like to paint with my Dad’s Dreaming . . . I’m entitled to paint my Dad’s stories.” These stories have been passed down through the generations for at least 50 millennia.

Connie was and still is very much part of the Yuendumu community. When she was younger she not only painted, but worked as a volunteer at the Childcare Centre, the only fully operational childcare centre in an Aboriginal community. During her free time, she use to enjoy digging bush potato but “I’m too old for that now”. She is married and has a boy and a girl from her first marriage and a step son from her second marriage. “I now have a lot of grandchildren”.